24 MAY 1932------15 NOVEMBER 2004



Erasmo 'Rammy' Inzerillo  
US Navy  
US Marine Corps  
Rammy Inzerillo enlisted in the United States Navy in April 1951 at age of 19. He attended boot camp and Hospital Corps training in San Diego. He then transferred to Oak Knoll Naval Hospital in Oakland, in October 1951 for medical training. Transferred to Marine Corps in November of 1952 because the Marines didn't have their own medics. Another boot camp followed in Oceanside. Shipped to Korea in April of 1953 and wounded July 19, just eight days before the cease fire. After 16 months in Korea, Rammy transferred back to the Navy in July 1954 and was assigned to the aircraft carrier USS WASP in August of 1954. Then off to far east tour aboard the carrier for 9 months. Discharged April 1955, just in time for Gypsy's arrival in May of 1955. Served 27 months in the Navy and 2l months in the Marines.

Sadly, Rammy passed away 15 November 2004.   "Rammy, may God bless and keep you, and may His Perpetual Light Shine upon you always!"

Purple Heart
USMC Good Conduct Medal National Defense Service Medal Korean Service Medal Korea Defense Service Medal
UN Korean Service Medal Republic of Korea Service Medal Combat Commemorative Medal 50th Anniversary Korean Defense
Overseas Service Commemorative Medal Navy Commemorative Medal USMC Commemorative Medal Cold War Commemorative Medal